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Marvyn Howie

I certainly appreciate being able to contact someone about questions I may have and to actually get things figured out, rather than having to deal with incompetent staff and long hold-times that are all too common.

Toby Wesley

Goals is the smartest way to save money, period. No separate accounts or having to manually move money. It just does it. You guys are onto something.

Blondie Avice

By the way, this awesome support system and helpful staff is reason alone to switch to Simple. Keep up the great work!

Indigo Calvin

Thanks for making such a great product. My spending habits were terrible before I had Simple...and now it's actually fun to check my balance and goals. Even if my friends call me nerdy. :)

Chalice Laney

Now that I've had Simple for a few months, it's getting harder and hard to actually set aside money NOT to save. Way to make saving addictive...

Robin Beckett

I genuinely can't believe any company for that matter would be so transparent... you guys just keep reaffirming why I switched over to you exclusively in the first place.

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